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    Ten of the Best Places to See in Patmos

    Published on 2018-03-27

    Ten of the Best Places to See in PatmosPatmos may not be the average summer destination but can be the perfect choice for Easter in Greece. Perched over the southeastern Aegean Sea, this tiny island has a reputation as one of the most archaic sights of Christianity. It was where John wrote the famous "Revelation," at a time when Patmos was a prison for the exiles. Today, it is a place of unique beauty
    Festival of Religious Music of Patmos

    Published on 2016-12-17

    The Festival of Religious Music of Patmos, which was initiated in 2001, is now one of the most important and unique summer musical events in terms of content and is aimed at presenting events of a high-quality musical and spiritual content, as befits the sacred site where it is hosted.At the Festival of Religious Music, the environment and the natural habitat of a beautiful island meld in an ideal
    The Encounter of Traditional Dances

    Published on 2014-07-05

    The Encounter of Traditional Dances is a new cultural institution for the Municipality of Patmos. It began in September 2011 with the support of the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and is organized by the Cultural Centre of Patmos and the Dance Association of the Youths and Friends of Patmos headquartered in Athens. Every second weekend of September, Patmos hosts Greek Tradition in the outdoor
    Festival of Taste and Tradition

    Published on 2014-07-04

    The Festival of Taste and Tradition is a wine tasting trip to the Aegean blue, highlighting the culinary culture of Patmos and of other islands.Patmos is the most important religious destination of our country and the Festival of Taste and Tradition hopes to develop and upgrade even more the local gastronomy and gain one more advantage, seeking to highlight and offer the treasures of the earth and


    Monastery of Saint John the Theologian
    The Monastery of St. John the Theologian Orthodox monastery founded in 1088 in Hora. In 1999 was declared a UNESCO World Klironomiasapo the UNESCO. It was built at the point where it is believed by both the Catholic and the Orthodox Church that the apostle John wrote the Gospel and tinApokalypsi, near the cave where he had visions of Revelation.In 1088 the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos gave
    Holy Cave of the Apocalypse
    Located on the hill between Skala and Chora, the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse is a point of reference not only of Patmos, but of Christianity worldwide. This cave was the shelter of the beloved disciple of Jesus, John, in 95 AD, when the Emperor Domitianos exiled him to Patmos, punishing him for declaring the Word of God in Ephesus. As John testifies , he didn't reach Patmos as an exiled loser or as
    The Windmills of Patmos
    The windmills of ChoraBuilt in the east of the Holy Monastery of Patmos, on the top of the hill with view of the sea, the three windmills of Chora gave their name to the neighboring district of Mili. From the moment of their restoration in 2010, they can be characterized as another jewel of the island, which was awarded by Europa Nostra.Windmills (two of which date back to 1588, and the third was built
    Archaeological site of Kastelli
    The position of Kastelli is arguably the most important archaeological site of Patmos, where ruins of the ancient acropolis and foundations of the temple of Apollo are saved.As a naturally fortified hill, Kastelli rises west of Skala and north of Chora and offers clear view of three bays: Skala (to the east), Chochlaka (southwest) and Merika (to the north), while on the horizon there are the islands


    Skala is the capital of Patmos and the biggest settlement on the island. A charming little port with lots of authentic restaurants, Greek cafenions and shops of all kinds. Evening entertainment is offered through a variety of bars, clubs and open coffee shops. All accommodations are mainly located at the quiet back part of Skala or along the sea front. Regular bus transport & taxis connects
    Grikos is an idyllic fishing village, approximately 5 km from the port of Skala, located at the fascinating bay of Grikos with its mysterious rock "Kallikatsou" which used to house hermits for many centuries. The old square offers a romantic view of colorful fishing boats and small taverns offering traditional food at all times of the day. Secluded beaches with lots of shady trees and sun-beds
    Chora is a medieval village around the Byzantine monastery of St. John. This unique village with white houses in the typical Aegean style is the heart of Patmos attracting visitors from all over the world.Chora is a small community in itself, with lots of charming little restaurants and bars, some exquisite shops and small grocery shops. The village is connected with the rest of the island through
    The Settlement Sapsila is located between the port of Patmos and Grikos. The sea beach of the town are the warmer waters of the island. It is a picturesque settlement with few houses and an ideal beach for relaxation. It is an ideal village for those who want to have a quiet holiday.
    Kampos is a rural village in a distance of 5.5 Km from Skala located at a beautiful sandbay with lovely white houses in the Aegean style. An unspoiled piece of nature where fishers and farmers are your next door neighbours. The village square as well as the beach offer a variety of good taverns and a small grocery shop supplies you with whatever is needed. Shady trees and sun-beds on the beach give


    Pozar baths or Loutraki Aridaia Baths in municipality of Edessa is a summer and winter destination for all who wish to enjoy a respite from everyday life and the healing properties of the hot baths waters in Loutra Pozar (Greek translation).

    The famous spa facilities feature two unique spa centers. The first operates since 1960 and includes forty-eight individual baths and two indoor pools have dimensions 3x7 meters and a height of one and half meters and may service twelve people maximum.

    There are two individual steam with their sources to gush through literally from the ground and fit up to 6 people.

    The geothermal energy from hot springs creates a uniquely enjoyable atmosphere for lovers of vapor treatment. In 2005 started to operate a new spa center including six individual private waterfalls and pools, with a total capacity of about 6 people each.

    Swimming - Refreshment at Pozar

    The Outdoor Pool and Refreshment

    Through the nature of Pozar baths nature and next to the thermal waters and the waterfall, where interchange hills and hollows and the hole nature in the virgin forest, is the reason that leads the hot and cold water of the surrounding mountains in the dense vegetation of a rare landscape. There you will find an outdoor Olympic-size pool and a cafe where you can observe the beneficial mood created by Pozar swimmers pool.

    The process is simple: The bather before entering the pool takes care of physical personal hygiene, making a shower next to the pool in the specific installations leaving the hot spring water to act with its beneficial properties. They take advantage of the therapeutic properties of thermal water in the thermal baths of Pozar or Loutraki Aridaia Village.

    The whole environment, the thermal baths in Loutraki Pozar to beneficial effects of oxygen that exudes from the high trees of the region, provide a wellness guests left the beneficial effect of hot baths Pozar.

    Visit and you pool which is 25 × 13m and a depth of 1.30 meters to 2.80 meters.

    The opening hours of the pool is between 8:00 a.m. to 21:00 while the summer is open from 7:00 a.m. to 22:00 This does not mean that you can indulge in massage waterfalls or relax in the natural pool of waterfall anytime. Surely you will see large groups or couples to enjoy the waterfall fonts.

    You can enjoy your drink or an aperitif in the bar and coffee will find just a few meters from the pool of Pozar. This image reminds Salem decor natural waterfalls, towering trees, vegetation, spectacular cliffs and steep slopes.

    We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Pozar.

    RATES IN Pozar (til.23840-91300)

    (Prices below are subject to change without notice but little)

    The prices of the two spas Lucia down in two years following a decision by the Board ..

    The current prices are as follows:

    Winter Season

    For the winter season at both the individual pools spas operate around the clock individually and the cost is 15 euros from one to three people and four people and above the cost is 5 euros per person, which pools leaning daily appointments .

    summer Season

    In the summer there in the first atomic whirlpool spa costs EUR 4.50 million (first floor) and 3.50 euros (ground) the individual, collective pools, where a distinction is made between men and women is 4.00 euros atom.

    natural Swimming Pools

    The natural pools (steam-sources) the cost is 15 euros from one to three people and four people and above the cost is 5 euros per person, which pools leaning daily appointments.

    new Hydrotherapy

    The four new hydrotherapy pools are operated individually as well as winter season, a pool of women at a cost of € 5.00 per person and a pool of men at a cost of 5.00 euros per person.


    The cost of the cataract is 2.00 euro per person.

    Outdoor Pool

    The outdoor pool is 4.00 euros.

    Semantic Highlights

    • For those insured fund grants them drinking therapy the cost of the ticket is 2.00 euros.
    • Since demand in indoor pools is increased, for convenience it is advisable that visitors can communicate with the offices of the Municipal Corporation Baths for keeping pools.
    • Also the company has leased space in private masseuse offering services therapeutic and relaxing massage. Visiting the cave costs as follows: Adults 2.00 euros, 1.00 euros children and students foitites- 1.50 euros.
    • The ability to stay - accommodation in the complex of the Baths is limited.
    • There are in the region organized modern bands around 3,500 beds.
    • Inside the spa today operates mini market, cafeteria, restaurant with local specialties of traditional Macedonian cuisine and excellent service capacity to accommodate 1000 people, where in the space of organized events.
    • There is a street market with typical local products.

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